Bogey -

These are a pictures of Bogey (black cocker) and Callie (aka Sophie when adopted) who came about 5 years ago.  Bogey left me on Wednesday, and Callie and I sorely miss him.  I was scared to have a boy dog but I have never had such a sweet, loving, friendly little pup, all he ever wanted was to be hugged and patted.

Chip - Male

In Memory of Chip

The shelter staff were very taken with Chip's gentle sweet temperament and loving personality but they knew he had Cushing's Disease and needed long term veterinary care and treatment as well as special home care in order to survive so they called Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England (CSRNE) for help.

Fortunately we knew the perfect, caring experienced foster home for him. Chip had constant affection, care and love but his Cushing's Disease, which was complicated by other serious health problems, prevented him from responding to the medication and special diet. He became weaker and weaker.

Chip was cuddled, loved and received excellent veterinary care for nine weeks but our vet was concerned about his increasing debilitation so the very difficult decision was made and he was put to sleep.

Chip was adored by everyone who met him - he was the best cocker ever.

CSRNE is glad we had the opportunity to try and give Chip a longer, better quality of life.  Thanks to the extraordinary care, devotion and commitment of his foster parents, Ellen and Norm, Chip was never alone - he was part of a big loving family and he was happy.

Thank you to all of you who support our work with your donations.  You make it possible for us to help needy cockers like Chip.

Cody - Male

Cody the Cocker, aka Buster Brown, died on February 9th after a short illness. He was 14 years old and is sorely missed by Nancy, his nanny Barbara, and his best friends Marilyn and Linda. He accompanied Nancy everywhere from the day she adopted him from CSRNE. He lived a pampered lifestyle, had his own nanny, and enjoyed nursery tea every afternoon.

Cookie - Male

We drove to New Hampshire in the worst ice storm to pick up our beloved Cookie in 2007. We had a a devil of a time getting out of the car. We met with the foster parents and Cookie and immediately fell in love.

Duke - Male

We received the sad news that Duke has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. This is from Duke's devoted family: "In March 2007 we drove up to Connecticut to pick up Duke. On the car ride home he bonded to us immediately; he felt like one of the family. He was so happy at his new home.  He was about 8 years old when we adopted him. Duke started to have bad arthritis and was losing muscle in his back legs which caused him to lose his ability to walk and he was in a lot pain.

Duke passed away on May 9, 2016. He is in a better place and will be missed a lot. We wanted to thank you for bringing him into our lives and will always remember the times we shared with him.


Mary, Beth, and Fred"

Gideon - Male

We lost our beloved Gideon on June 11, 2010. There is a tremendous hole in my heart and an emptiness that can never be filled. Gideon gave us 15 wonderful years. He loved everyone he met. How impatient he was every night to go his after dinner treat at Tom's. And how he loved his food - even being very stealthy when he would steal whatever was in reach. Gideon was the BEST. My dearest boy, I miss you so very much.