Suzie - Female

Update Jan. 2011: SuzieQ is on a special diet for her allergies which requires her to have Ultra Z/D dog  food at $79 per 25 pound bag. Would you like to sponsor all or part of SuzieQ’s monthly food?

Eight year old Suzie had a rough start in life. She was born in a large noisy puppy mill, taken away from her mother at only five weeks of age, sold to a broker, and finally sold to a large pet store where she was sold to people who never took her to a veterinarian. At only eight months old her owners turned her into a city dog pound. By this point she was timid, fearful, both her eyes and ears were infected and she had a staph infection. Despite all this Suzie did well in foster care – her foster mom said she has a “lovely personality,” she adored the cat and became very attached to another foster cocker. She loved to play with her toys.