Buddy_2014 - Male

Buddy - Bio will be coming.

Chloe and Sara - Male

Updated bio coming.

Frankie - Male

Frankie is waiting for that very special home of his own. Please read his story  Please read Frankie's special story.  Click here.

Moty_2014 - Male

Moty - Watch for his bio.

Teddy_2016 - Male

Update:  Teddy is now in foster care with a single woman who lives in a quiet home with no other pets. Teddy has been to see our vet and he said he's almost blind - he does see a bit around the periphery of his cornea. To avoid panic attacks when Teddy can't see or hear his foster mom she now wears a bell around her waist.

Teddy is now on a hamburger and rice diet to clear up his colitis.  

Teddy just loves going for  long walks where he can sniff and smell every scent on the wooded path.  He still won't let his foster mom out of his limited sight but he is beginning to relax  and enjoy laying in his bed right next to her. Teddy just needs time.